‘Black-ish’ Presents Message Of Unity In First Post-election Episode

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A subplot featured Pops helping Andre Jr. prepare to delivery Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at his school’s “healing rally.” In doing so, the high schooler finds a message in the prose he’d previously never realized.
But the half-hour belonged to Dre, who eventually became so fed up with the in-fighting in his office that he blew up.
“Why do you not care what’s happening to our country?” his boss asked.
Until then, Dre had attempted to be a spectator in the madness among his colleagues. But the question got his attention.
“What did you say to me? You don’t think I care about this country? I love this country, even though at times it doesn’t love me back,” he said.
The speech that came next struck a chord with viewers.
“You think I’m not sad that Hillary didn’t win? That I’m terrified about what Trump’s about to do?” he said. “”I’m used to things not going my way. I’m sorry that you’re not and it’s blowing your mind. So excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn’t see all this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed in boats in chains.”
Dre later apologizes for being harsh.
“I do feel it’s time that we stop calling each other names and we start trying to have those conversations,” he tells his co-workers. “If we don’t, we’ll end up being in a country that’s even more divided, for a long time.”

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