‘La La Land’ Will Dance Into 100 IMAX Theaters This Weekend

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“La La Land” tells the story of Sebastian and Mia, a musician and actress who are played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, as they fall in love in a fantastical Los Angeles full of showstopping songs.
“This film was made to be seen on a big screen,” Gosling said in the promotional video. “One of the main things Damien talked to me about was that he wanted to make a film you would have to see in the theater with people.”
Stone added the movie has an incredible “width to it” and that “the color is so extreme and beautiful, I can’t imagine not seeing this on a big screen.”
And though some movies are having a bit of hard time attracting people into theaters recently, “La La Land” has found an audience.
The film has made more than $50 million domestically to date.

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